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2015 Chakra Talk Videos

Aug 01

Blanche Blacke’s Chakra Talk Aug 2015 New Moon in Virgo

    Blanche Blacke brings forth guidance relating the new moon in Virgo to our seven chakra powers. Organize and focus!

Jul 23

New Moon in Gemini June 2015

New Moon energy of Gemini from end of June until end of July. Blanche Blacke brings forth guidance in aligning our chakras to the energy of communicating with ourselves and to the world all the best of who we are.

Jul 01

Blanche Bkacke Chakra Talk July 2015 New Moon in Leo

May 29

New Moon in Taurus May 2015

New Moon energy aligns with our chakras to aid us in our creations. This energy focuses the entire month, from one new moon to the next. Master Chakra healer Blanche Blacke channels guidance towards utilizing this energy. in May, the¬†new moon in Taurus is about taking, practical action steps on projects already started or dusting …

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May 16

New Moon in Aries, April, 2015

This month the new moon in Aries, a perfect time to take action on your dreams!  Listen to this New Moon Chakra talk with guidance for aligning your chakras with this powerful new moon energy!

May 16

Another New Moon in Aquarius February 2015

Feb 07

New Moon in Aquarius Jan 2015