About Blanche

Blanche Blacke is a modern shaman, a mediator between the spirit realm and human beings. She is a specialist of the soul and passionate about awakening our understanding of our soul’s inner workings and the subtle energies that create worlds. She is dedicated to alleviate the suffering of humanity aiding individuals and groups dispel illusion and empower their now and future creations.  Her clients reach a greater potential for creativity, personal achievement, happiness and physical health. She is available for  Private Sessions and teaches Groups.  Blanche has created an elegant line of Chakra Balancing products to enhance the aura. She is founder of The Chakra Shoppe in Chicago.

In the Beginning
At the age of seven, Blanche was chanting unintelligible sounds in the park. When asked “What are you doing?” She replied, “I am singing the birds, I am singing the trees, I am singing the flowers.” In most every shamanic tradition a healing is called a “sing”.   A near-death experience in 1993 deepened her connection to the spirit-realm.  With high sensory perception, five years apprenticeship and sixteen years in practice, she can reveal, explain and aid in healing the energetic component of emotional, physical and other issues, perform past-life regression and mediumship.

Speaking and Teaching Experience
Blanche has traveled extensively, facilitating individual sessions and teaching groups in the U.S. and in Britain. Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Consciousness is a comprehensive system of understanding the chakras and learning to shift one’s own energy patterns.  She has lectured and presented workshops at the Whole Life Expo, Body Mind Spirit Convention, Wellness Information Network, the Sound Healer’s Colloquium.

Products, Classes and Services
In 2003, Blanche Blacke has created an elegant line of chakra balancing products to enhance the aura. She is founder of The Chakra Shoppe, in Chicago in 2005.

Other Talents 
Blanche Blacke is also a writer, performer and composer. With a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Arts, she founded Shakura World Theatre to present new works influenced by the traditions of indigenous world cultures.


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