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What Are Chakras and How to Heal Them

The word 'chakra' is Sanskrit that translates to wheel of light and is the vortex of intake and outflow of specific frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Just like the heart is the center of our blood flow, the chakra is the source point for energy that flows through our entire being. Chakra energy carries the reverberations of our thoughts and emotions, the vibrational imprint of all our past experiences and is the conduit between the spiritual and the physical. There are seven major chakras that correlate to specific areas of the physical body.

The spirit body, much like the physical body, has benchmarks of balance and health as well as imbalance and disease. If you experience pain, tensions or other mysterious symptoms and a physical check-up does not show any problems, chances are one or more of your chakras is out of balance. If you are feeling 'off' you probably are.

Most of us know at least a little about how to keep the body healthy -- getting enough exercise, eating the proper foods for balanced nutrition and getting enough rest. Our chakra system also requires attention and care.

Chakra energy is enhanced by vibrational healing. For example, third chakra energy vibrates to the same pulse as the color yellow, the musical note E, as well as several different crystals, essential oils and herbs. The Chakra Shoppe carries a fragrantly beautiful line of Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy products, crystals, candles and more. Using these vibrational frequencies adds energy and strengthens the aura, much like taking vitamins aids the body.

Negative thoughts and emotions deplete chakra energy and contribute to the breakdown of the physical body and difficulties in all areas of life. Transforming unhealthy thoughts and emotions to more positive ones also enhances chakra energy. Positive emotion and thought builds up energy much like proper exercise supports the physical body.

During a Chakra Analysis and Energy Healing, the unhealthy patterns of the chakras can be revealed and balanced. Keeping our chakras healthy provides benefits not only for the areas in which they influence, but also for physical health. To enjoy complete health is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

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