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Chakras: Your Seven Powers
1st Chakra: Wealth, Vitality, Security
Located at the base of the spine, First Chakra energy center governs our ability to manifest in physical reality what we desire, how well we are doing financially, physical energy and feelings of safety and security.
2nd Chakra: Creativity, Sexuality, Desire
Located about two inches below the navel, Second Chakra energy regulates our capacity for desire and passion, creative ideas and expression, sexuality and friendliness.

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3rd Chakra: Self-Confidence, Purpose, Power
Located at the solar plexus and influencing the digestive tract, Third Chakra energy relates to career path and how we relate to others, motivation and belief in ourselves and our ability to be successful achieving our goals.
4th Chakra: Love, Harmony, Healing
Located at area of the heart, Fourth Chakra energy relates to our ability to unconditionally love ourselves and others, empathy, compassion, forgiveness and peace, being open, fulfilled, giving and kind.
 5th Chakra: Voice, Truth, Expression
Located at the throat, Fifth Chakra energy relates to our ability to express our creative talents, singing, dancing, writing and public speaking. It is also the energy for expressing our emotional truth and honesty.
6h Chakra: Intuition, Charisma, Unity
Located at the center of the forehead, Sixth Chakra energy relates to our connection with the universal conscioussness, intuitive guidance and knowing our own truth, being ourselves and feeling union with others.
7th Chakra: Spirit, Wisdom, Guidance
Located at the crown of the head, Seventh Chakra opens to source energy and our connection to spirit.
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Chakra Energy Consciousness is an educational system of spiritual healing that does not replace any form of treatment or therapy.
Results vary and reflect an individual's subjective personal growth and are in no way guaranteed. For medical or psychological concerns,
it is advised to consult a medical doctor or psychologist.