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Sessions with Blanche Blacke

My name is Blanche Blacke. I have nearly 20 years experience aiding others with their esoteric concerns. Read about the various sessions I can facilitate. I would be happy to talk with you and schedule an appointment. Also, check out my great classes!

Call me at (773) 271-3054 or email chakrashoppe@gmail.com. You can also make an appointment with me via on-line scheduling.

Chakra Analysis and Healing

During chakra analysis and healing sessions, in-depth information is brought through regarding the energetic component of physical or emotional concerns and how your chakras influence the circumstances in your life. All seven chakras are balanced with vibrational tools and shamanic techniques to address patterns of negative energy and false limitations that may contribute to the problems one is facing. Chakra healing awakens conscious awareness to core issues and enhances self-healing. The sessions are unique, educational, emotionally purging and life transforming. Miraculous results have been reported by many.
One Hour Session $167
30 minute $87
Tune-Up,15 minutes, $47

Core Belief Re-Patterning

All of us have limiting belief systems acquired during our less than perfect upbringing. These beliefs limit the scope of life experience and often stop or constrict the chakra energy flow of our true desires and reaching our full potential. Resting comfortably, you are guided through a series of visualizations and questions, creating fresh ideas. Crystals, aromatherapy and sound move the subtle energy. New affirmations are designed for your practice to reinforce this process. Session approximately one hour: $125.



Ever wonder about your loved ones who have passed? Spend some time with them, ask questions and feel their energy. This session is a powerful one for spiritual inquiry. Those on the other side have a bigger picture perspective. 30 minute session: $75.


Past Life Regression

During my experience in aiding others, I have often detected vibrations of experience and residue in the energy field that do not relate to current life circumstances and may indicate a past-life source. In such cases, a past-life regression session is recommended to address these concerns. During these sessions, a person is fully conscious and in a relaxed state. Memories from a past life may come to conscious awareness, and might include images, physical sensations and or emotions. Spiritual guidance, subtle energy healing and shamanic work help to release these patterns. Insights and understanding can be gained as well as a possibility for the alleviation of symptoms. One hour: $125.

Spiritual Cause of Disease

As we are holistic beings, body, mind and spirit, every part influences the others. During this session you are guided into a deep meditative state where you get in touch with the inner workings of your body. Your consciousness becomes aware, through imagery, about the spiritual or emotional aspects that may have contributed to your physical dis-ease. Crystals, aromatherapy and sound move the subtle energy. New awareness releases positive energy towards self-healing. Session approximately one hour: $95.


Spiritual Journey

This session is very similar to a past life regression or a spiritual cause of disease. During this sesion, however, instead of going into your own body or into past life memory banks, you go forward to your near future as projected forward by your current vibrational frequency. While destiny is not set in stone, you can get a heads up on your potential future and make changes in advance if necessary. Approximately one hour session: $125.

For a private session with Blanche Blacke, please call (773) 271-3054 or email chakrashoppe@gmail.com
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