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 How does one keep their Chakras healthy?

The term 'chakra' is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel of light'. Chakras are vortexs, centers of intake and outflow of specific frequencies of electromagnetic energy. There are seven major chakras that correlate to specific areas of the physical body.The spirit body (aura), much like our physical body, has benchmarks of balance and health as well as imbalance and disease. If you experience stress, pain, tensions or other symptoms, chances are one or more of your chakras is out of balance. If you are feeling 'off' you probably are.

Most of us know at least a little about how to keep the body healthy -- getting enough exercise, eating the proper foods for balanced nutrition and getting enough rest.

Just like the heart is the center of our blood flow, the chakra is the source point for energy that flows through our entire aura. Chakra energy carries with it the reverberations of our thoughts and emotions, the vibrational imprint of all our past experiences and is the conduit between the spiritual and the physical.

Chakra energy can be balanced and enhanced. For example, third chakra processes electromagnetic energy that vibrates to the same pulse as the color yellow, the musical note E, as well as several different crystals, and essences from flowers and herbs. Using these vibrational frequencies adds energy and strengthens the aura, much like taking vitamins aids the body.


The Chakra Shoppe Aromatherapy Products

The Chakra Shoppe products are natural, energy enhancing products made of the finest essential oils and ingredients. These bath salts, body oils and aura sprays intend to enhance and empower the frequencies of the chakras.

Developed by Blanche Blacke in 2003 for her private clients, these fresh, invigorating and fragrantly beautiful products are now available for anyone. The Chakra Shoppe products, as well as a variety of crystals, books, herbs, music, candles and other tools are now available at The Chakra Shoppe, 5034 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago IL. as well as can be Ordered On-Line.

What is Chakra Analysis and Energy Healing?

Chakra energy channels are much like streams that flow with patterns of thought and feeling that create our reality. Most of us experience these 'channels' as the way 'life' is -- as if they are real. Revealing imbalanced frequencies for each chakra is the starting point of chakra healing.

Emotional enhancement of the chakras requires transforming unhealthy thoughts to more positive ones. Positive emotion and thought builds up the chakra energy much like proper exercise supports the physical body.

With the client relaxing comfortably and fully clothed, Blanche Blacke can tune into the human energy field (much like a radio dial tunes into the invisible vibrations of sound transmitted) and interprets what is vibrating. Each chakra relates to an aspect of a person's being. The information in seven chakras and six other energy centers can be read, interpreted and realigned to a healthy, natural flow of energy by a combination of energy healing sent through the hands (without any physical touching) and the use of tools which vibrate with considerable intensity; vocal chants crystals and aromatherapy. During the session, the client may feel energy shifts within the body, emotional release, personal insights,and a reconnection to their personal and spiritual power. Spiritual healing releases negative energies from the aura and aids in the alleviation of physical and emotional complaints. Chakra healing awakens conscious awareness to core issues and enhances self-healing. The sessions are unique, educational, emotionally purging and life transforming. Miraculous results have been reported by many. Private sessions available with Blanche Blacke.

Keeping our chakras healthy provides benefits not only for the areas in which they influence, but also for physical health. To be wholly healthy is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

For a private session with Blanche Blacke, please call (773) 271-3054 or email chakrashoppe@gmail.com