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Dr. Marina Kostina is an award-winning life and business fulfillment coach and a bio-energy healer who helps people break out of their limited, lethargic, “status quo” existence, allowing them to enjoy what she describes as a “ravenous life”--a life filled with the passion, pleasure, and playfulness that come naturally to those who dare to be authentic. She is also a nationally syndicated columnist (Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed), and Roku Tv and Amazon Prime Bibo weekly panelist.
Her work has been featured by People Magazine, WGN radio, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Telemundo among others.

She recently published a book Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul that has been featured on Hay House Radio and will be one of 8 books presented at Hay House Live event in Portland, March 30, 2019.

Energy Scan that Kanye West and His Crew LOVE now at
the Chakra Shoppe

Come to experience this incredible session that mixes research and bio-energy led by Dr. Marina Kostina (Reiki Master, Teacher, Bio-energy Healer, Shambala Reiki Master, a researcher and Amazon bestselling author). One of the biggest celebrities of all times ---Kanye West (and his crew)--- chose Dr. Marina to facilitate their energy healing!What happens during a Session

~ You will place your hands on our biofeedback equipment
~ A photo of your energy and a detailed report stating your talents, motivations, life purpose, main aura color, and much more will be generated by the computer
~ We will analyze your aura, and you will see for yourself, where your energy is impure, stuck or leaking; and how that affects your life
~ After a complete analysis of your aura you will lie on a massage table and will receive an energy healing session (Reiki) after which you will notice a positive change right away.

Schedule Your Session in Advance for Early Bird Price of $150 for 1.5 hour treatment! Schedule On-Line Now!

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